Explore Albion! You can read most of my books in any order but you can find help over here with where to start. My authorial wiki connects characters, places, and events, if you prefer to choose your reading that way.

Mysterious Charm

The friends and allies of one Lord Geoffrey Carillon, set in the 1920s in Albion, the magical community of Great Britain.

(I recommend Goblin Fruit before On The Bias)

Mysterious Powers

Exploring the institutions of Albion and the questions of magical, social, and political power in the 1920s.

(Fool’s Gold has spoilers for the events of Seven Sisters.)

Mysterious Arts

Delighting in the various arts, crafts, and magics of Albion in the 1920s.

Land Mysteries

Chosen family, the land magic, and the coming Second World War. I recommend reading these in order since they form a larger arc about the war and the land magic.

Charms of Albion

Explore Albion at other points in time – each book can be read on its own.


Winter’s Charms is a novella collection that contains Casting Nasturtiums, Country Manners, and Chasing Legends)

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