Reading order suggestions

In general, dive in anywhere that interests you! My books can be read in any order in most cases (with a few notes below.) If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories, or want to avoid a particular topic, check out my content notes for more information about each book. My authorial wiki also has more information about each book and easy ways to make connections between characters and arcs.

Some great places to start:

The first two are novellas, if you’d like to dip your toe in. The others are all recommended by my readers as a great starting point. If you’d rather start a series from the beginning, keep reading down the page.

If that’s still too many choices, I recommend Pastiche as a book that has all the things my books do – 1906 arranged marriage to love match while tackling a puzzle about some stained glass.

A few reading notes:

Reading Goblin Fruit before On The Bias is likely more fun (or sign up for my newsletter to get Ancient Trust, a novella that introduces both Geoffrey Carillon and Thomas Benton when they return to Albion in 1922.)

Fool’s Gold can be read in any order you like, but contains detailed spoilers for the events of Seven Sisters.

The Land Mysteries series (running from 1935 to 1947) does have a larger arc through the series about the land magic and different responses to it. They can be read in any order, except that I highly recommend reading Old As The Hills before Upon A Summer’s Day (they form a duology around a particular question).

What about starting with the beginning of a series?

That’s a great way to read too. Here are the books that start the currently available series:

Where can I learn more about a particular character?

If you’d like to find more books involving a particular character, place, or theme, I have an authorial wiki where you can learn more about Albion, and make connections between characters, places, events, and stories. Let me know if you’d like to know more about a specific topic.

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