Explore different ways books are connected from the books with context page on my authorial wiki that groups books by professions, kinds of connections, identity, magic, disabilities and chronic health, and structure.

This page includes books with characters from diverse backgrounds outside of Albion, books with neurodiverse main characters, those who live more from the work of their hands, and characters living with ongoing disabilities. Notes about the details relevant to the book can be found in the Content note at the bottom of the book description on each book’s page.

Diverse backgrounds

Neurodiverse main characters

(Note that a number of other characters might reasonably read as neurodiverse: these books are the ones where it’s particularly relevant to the arc of the story and their experiences.)

People who make things

(Those who work with their hands: artisans, crafters, those in service, and others.)

Ongoing disabilities: magical

Ongoing disabilities: mental health

Ongoing disabilities: physical

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