From time to time, I write “extras” to share with readers. Sometimes I just want to spend a bit more time with some characters. Other times, they help me sort out what’s going on in the background, or help me get a better grip on what the characters know at a particular point.

Almost all my extras are available for anyone to read as of the beginning of 2024. (There are two exceptions, see below for those.)

My authorial wiki has the complete list of extras. Click through to each one for a link to download. Each extra’s page has additional information about when each extra (or segment of one) takes place, how it fits into the larger timeline, and who’s involved.

If you’re already on my newsletter, Patreon, or Discord, you can also get copies there.

What’s in the extras?

Here are some teasers!

  • Scenes from key points in Rathna and Gabe’s lives before The Fossil Door including Gabe’s injury and Rathna’s training.
  • What Lizzie and Geoffrey were up to during the events of On The Bias.
  • Isembard proposing to Thesan, the summer after Eclipse.
  • A short story about Ana, Una, and a very large dog, written for a charity anthology.

Two exceptions

There are two exceptions. Ancient Trust is a prequel novella about Carillon and Benton returning to Albion in 1922 when Carillon inherits the land magic. It’s a thank you for connecting with me in the my newsletter, Patreon (at any patron level), or Discord. I hope you’ll come check one of these out. (It’s fine to sign up for the newsletter and unsubscribe later if you’d rather, though my newsletter is the best place to hear about all my upcoming plans.)

I also keep the most recent extra as a thank you for people who’ve connected in one of those places. Again, you can find out more information about it (and sign up for my newsletter to get a copy) from the complete list of extras.

New and exciting!

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