Wards of the Roses


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Kate yearns to prove her competence.

During the Great War, Kate was able to take on new and interesting challenges as a member of Albion's Guard. Now the men have returned, she has been reassigned to routine duties. They are important, necessary - and boring.

When a mysterious manor reappears in England after centuries, someone must figure out how to get through the roses, wards, and magic that protect it. That someone might just be Kate.

Giles refuses to let his blindness change his life.

Blinded by gas in the Great War, Giles knows he is still a competent and creative cryptographer, mathematician, and magician. The rest of the world doesn't always agree.

Kate at least seems willing to listen to what he needs. She learns quickly, too. That's more than Giles can say for his secretary and distant cousin, who is becoming more difficult to live with by the day.

When Giles and Kate make a breakthrough in their investigation, it sends them tumbling into the lost manor and a tangle of fae enchantment. Only his skills and Kate's persistence can get them out of the sprawling country house.

Wards of the Roses is the fourth novel in the Mysterious Charm series. It is full of curiosity, using all the tools at your disposal, living with a life-changing disability, and a great deal of ancient magic. Enjoy this gentle romantic fantasy with a swirl of sex set in 1920 with a happily ever after ending!

Hero was blinded during the War by magical gas. Vulnerabilities of relying on others for certain tasks (especially financial). Class and gender issues when dealing with people of higher status.

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