Copy of Pastiche on an open book on grass with yellow leaves. The cover has a silhouetted man and woman in Edwardian dress, in front of a golden stained glass window on a deep teal background.
Pastiche is out! Edwardian delights and mysteries await!

In my books you will find complex characters, many of whom have come through a difficult time (emotionally, physically, or both) but who are now in a place to look around and engage with the world in a new way.

Readers have described my books as charming, and my worldbuilding as enchanting. I adore writing about a world where enchanted drinks can sap your magic, legendary beings can appear out of nowhere, magical beasts can cross your path – and much much more!

Keep an eye on my blog posts to learn more about what I’m working on right now, and for tidbits about the research behind my books.

The Mysterious Charms series is set in the 1920s
It is centred on the friends and associates of Lord Geoffrey Carillon.

The Charms of Albion books are standalone titles at other points in time.
Pastiche (set in 1906) is about finding love after marriage
and certain mysteries of a museum.

Enjoy magic, mystery, and romance

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