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The Magic of Four follows four students at Schola through their second year.
Unlike most of my books, this one is not a romance – they’re all 14!
But it is very much a cosy fantasy full of friendship, magic, and chosen family.

Kind. Caring. Competent. Magical.

Explore the wonders of Albion, the magical community of Great Britain,
from the 1880s through the aftermath of the Second World War.

These cosy historical romances explore life, magic, and love. My characters have come through challenging times (emotionally, physically, or both). They’re ready to look around and figure out what’s next and make the world around them a little bit better.

My books are full of magical potions, numinous experiences, competence, and romance. Along with the occasional dragon, brushes with ancient lore and the dance of the land magic.

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