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The cover of Four Walls and a Heart has a bright red background with a blue door. Two men are silhouetted against the background, one of slighter build in a Victorian wheelchair, missing his lower left leg, the other standing and talking, one hand at his side. Both are wearing hats, and they are intently focused on each other.  The cover is displayed on a wooden table with gilded pumpkins and acorns, a candle, and tea.

Kind. Caring. Competent. Magical.

Explore the wonders of Albion, the magical community of Great Britain,
from the 1880s through the aftermath of the Second World War.

These cosy historical romances explore life, magic, and love. My characters have come through challenging times (emotionally, physically, or both). They’re ready to look around and figure out what’s next and make the world around them a little bit better.

My books are full of magical potions, numinous experiences, competence, and romance. Along with the occasional dragon, brushes with ancient lore and the dance of the land magic.

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Recent releases

Cover of Shoemaker's Wife on a tablet on a table with a hunk of amethyst. The cover of Shoemaker's Wife has a man and woman in silhouette on a vibrant background of green shading through blue to purple. The woman is standing on one foot with one hand in the air, lifting the other and looking over her shoulder at the shoe while the man looks on. A purple 1920s shoe with a big blue ribbon bow is inset in the top right corner.
Shoemaker’s Wife
A copy of Upon A Summer's Day against a sunset, standing on grass. The cover of Upon A Summer's Day shows a man in a suit silhouetted over a map of northern Wales in a muted green. He is gesturing, holding his cane in one hand, a cap on his head. Behind him is an astrological chart, with Jupiter and Saturn highlighted in the sign of Taurus.
Upon A Summer’s Day
The cover of Old As The Hills displayed on a tablet in front of a pine forest, dotted with firefly light. The cover of Old As The Hills has a man with a can and a woman silhouetted on a green ground with a map. She holds out her hand, he is putting something into it, forming a doorway between them. An astrological chart behind them shows the symbols for Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn highlighted behind a splash of glowing stars.
Old As The Hills

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Upon A Summer's Day

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