Hello! Here are all the ways you can keep track of what I’m up to or get in touch. I love email from readers or other people interested in my books!

My newsletter

The best way to find out what’s out, what’s coming, and what I’m writing is my newsletter. I send it on most Fridays. If you have trouble getting it, drop me a note and I’m glad to see if I can help with any troubleshooting.

I talk about what’s coming out, background on various books (or the people in them), and almost always have a section of what I’ve been writing and the interesting research I’ve stumbled across in the process.

My blog

Regular posts about the world of my writing, announcements for the most recent book, and other background. You can find that over here at https://celialake.com/blog.

Elsewhere on the Internet

Mastodon: I’m @celialake@romancelandia.club : a mix of out of context quotes from the day’s writing, links that amuse me, comments about my cat, and exchanges with Kiya (my friend and editor).

Twitter: I’m @celialakebooks (though currently waiting to see what Twitter’s doing, as of late November 2022.)

Facebook: I’m also CeliaLakeBooks over there. Announcements only, at the moment, and the place I’m least likely to notice comments.

Get in touch

I do my best to answer all sincere email (but reserve the right to bin or otherwise deal with spam, harassment, or just people who aren’t clear on what I’m doing around here.)

I can be reached by email by preference (form above or celia @ this domain name)

Or by leaving a message at ‪(781) 819-0895‬ (message service)

Or sending snail mail to the address below. 

Celia Lake
11923 NE Sumner St.
STE 319509
Portland, OR

(I’m physically located near Boston, MA. This is my mailing address.)