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Because of the way I write and edit, I have a good sense of what’s coming next. Check out these future books (and sign up for my newsletter to hear all the latest updates.) I release a novel in February, May, August, and November. I also often have novellas or extras to share.

In 2023, we’ll have a novella out in March (Nocturnal Quarry), an extra novel in June (Upon A Summer’s Day), and a novella in September and December. My blog post about plans for 2023 talks more about what’s on the writing stack this year.

You can make connections to existing books by checking out the Forthcoming Books page on my authorial wiki.

Four Walls And A Heart

In 1884, Gil returns to Albion after a catastrophic injury in the Mahdist War. When Magni learns he’s been injured, he’s determined to keep visiting, even if Gil isn’t sure what to do with himself now, in any dimension. A recuperative trip to Brighton offers a number of opportunities – including a chance for both of them to say something they’d been refusing to think about.

(Set in 1884. Out September 2023.)

Illusion of a Boar

In early 1944, four specialists are assigned to take on a secret magical assignment, providing cover for a major military push. There are good things about this, but so many challenges. Claudio and Orion have been chosen brothers since their school days. Orion has had an awful year on every level while Claudio is still falling short of his family’s expectations. Cammie and Hypatia have considered themselves sisters since Cammie’s mother married Hypatia’s much older brother, but they’ve been separated by the war and their different duties. The question is whether the four of them can work together, do the impossible, and navigate an implausible romance.

(Set in the first half of 1944 in the run up to D-Day. Out in November 2023.)

Three Graces

In the late spring of 1945 and the end of the war in Europe, three women take on a question that’s been lurking for decades. Lizzie Carillon wants to solve the question of what happened to the brother-in-law who died before she met her husband, and Alysoun Edgarton and Thesan Wain are there to help their friends and bring their particular skills to the problem.

(May through August of 1945. Out December 2023.)

Perfect Accord

In the spring of 1923, Charlotte Edgarton gets an invitation to a fortnight at a country house, with her intended fiancé. Dubious about their hostess – a woman named Morgen who has a bent for Arthuriana – she agrees to go, only to find herself pulled in to something she never expected.

(April 1923. Out in February 2024.)

The Magic of Four

A school story following four children through their second year at Schola as they try to figure out what they want their future to look like, are courted by the school’s secret societies, deal with all the ordinary complexities of a school year, and stumble into an unexpected mystery.

Features Avigail Edgarton (Gabe and Rathna’s daughter), Jasper Pride (Ferry and Rufus’s son), Leo Fortier (Thesan and Isembard’s son), and Rosalba Carillon (Geoffrey and Lizzie’s daughter).

(September 1946 through June 1947. Out in May 2024.)

Other words in the works

You can find additional scenes and short works about characters in some of my books on my newsletter. Keep an eye on my newsletter for the latest. I’ll update this page of future books as soon as books have titles and a bit of a summary.

Last updated March 8, 2023.

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