Future books and coming attractions

Because of the way I write and edit, I have a good sense of what’s coming next. Check out these future books (and sign up for my newsletter to hear all the latest updates.) I release a novel in February, May, August, and November. I also often have novellas or extras to share.

You can make connections to existing books by checking out the Forthcoming Books page on my authorial wiki.

Best Foot Forward

Lord Geoffrey Carillon has a mission: to get some much needed information out of Germany in 1935. Unfortunately, he needs the help of someone on the Council, Alexander Landry, to make it happen. Carillon and Alexander must combine their skills – and earn each other’s trust – to succeed and make it home alive. First book in the Land Mysteries series, covering the period of World War II.

(Not exactly a romance, but a historical fantasy novel about chosen family. Set in 1935 in Albion, Austria, and Germany. Expected out in November 2022.) 

Bound For Perdition

Lynet has been working hard to create magical journals to help the War effort, without much meaningful support. When Reggie is assigned to help her, she first has to teach him the basics of bookbinding, and then they have to confront the changes her work might bring – and the work of others in their building. Book 1 in the Mysterious Arts series, set during the Great War and into the 1920s.

(Set in 1917. Expected out in February 2023.)

Other words in the works

You can find additional scenes and short works about characters in some of my books on my newsletter. Keep an eye on my newsletter for the latest. I anticipate a prequel novella about Carillon inheriting his title to be out in summer 2022. I hope you enjoy these future books!