Alysoun wants more than duty.

Born into the aristocratic circles of Albion’s upper class, Alysoun has done everything expected of her. She has married well, produced two healthy children, and handled her social obligations with grace.

It’s not enough. Her husband is kind but distant, and she lives with ongoing mysterious pain. Worst of all, she is frankly bored. When Alysoun spots something odd in a stained glass exhibition at the museum, she seizes the opportunity. Perhaps it will finally give them something to talk about.

Richard lives for honour.

As a captain of Albion’s Guard, he spends his days solving problems. As Lord of the land, he makes sure his estates in England are thriving. It leaves little time for anything else, even his wife or children. He’s sure they understand. He was brought up the same way.

When Richard’s mentor is injured, the ground collapses under his feet, shaking up all of his assumptions about how his marriage, his oaths, and his life work. The question is, can he figure out how to juggle his responsibilities and two different investigations in time?

Pastiche is a standalone novel of 90,000 words. It is full of stained glass, living with chronic illness, an arranged marriage turned love match, and family of choice. Enjoy this charming romantic fantasy with a swirl of sex set in 1906 with a happily ever after ending!

Arranged marriage to lovers trope. Main character dealing with what we would call fibromyalgia (and they called fibrositis). Main character who is part of the Guard, Albion’s equivalent of a police force (among other things) and ongoing discussion of his current work and duties. Duelling. Secondary character who is an amputee due to war injuries. 

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