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Thessaly’s life is laid out before her, a sparkling path toward the goals any young woman of Albion should aspire to. Her own magic is strong, she’s a gifted duellist mastering the enchantments of illusion work. Now she’s betrothed to the shining son of one of the greatest families in the country. All she has to do is tread the steps of the proper dance.

Vitus has just returned from a grand tour, learning all he can about stones and mines to cap off his apprenticeship as a talisman maker. Now it’s time to establish himself, build his business, and craft his own future.

When Thessaly and Vitus meet at a costume ball, there’s an immediate spark between them. Thessaly’s marriage agreements specifically permit that, so long as she’s discreet. Certainly, there’s no barrier to a friendship or magical collaboration. Vitus, for his part, is charmed by her intelligence, creativity, and eye for crafting magic.

They’ve barely begun to get to know each other - or figure out how to handle their growing mutual interest properly - when Thessaly’s world collapses. The sudden change in her life throws everything she’d expected into chaos. Vitus has no idea how to help, not without risking his future as well.

The first book in the Mysterious Fields trilogy begins Thessaly and Vitus’s story and romance - but their happily ever after won’t come until book three. Join them for a toast in honour of recognising each other as kindred spirits, navigating the politics of Albion’s Great Families, and figuring out how to live their own lives. Set in 1889, this book about the magical community of Victorian Britain is a wonderful entry point to Celia Lake’s Albion books.

Contains family and magical politics including multiple murders (nothing graphic on the page) and grief afterwards. At the beginning of book 1, Thessaly becomes betrothed in an arranged match and it becomes increasingly clear there's a problem. Secrets, bad life decisions, and damage to secondary characters from people they thought they could trust.

The book begins with Thessaly's betrothal to Childeric Fortier. Her marriage agreements explicitly permit other relationships within set terms, this is an arranged match. This book includes two deaths, and guilt-laced grief related to one of them

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