Elemental Truth


Six months ago, Thessaly thought she knew what her life would hold: a good marriage, commitment to her new family, and supporting the land magic. Now, two deaths have changed that. She has a freedom she never thought she’d have, but that doesn’t mean that society’s pressures have gone away. Still pressured to marry well, Thessaly needs to navigate her family’s demands and everyone’s assumptions about what she ought to do.

Vitus has finally officially been recognised as a talisman maker, able to set up his own establishment and begin finding his own clients. He doesn’t dare unsettle things further, even though recent events have left him with many questions.

As Vitus and Thessaly continue to talk, it becomes clear that much more is going on than either of them are aware of. Someone is experimenting with dangerous magic - that’s likely already caused multiple deaths. It would be easy to ignore it, to get on with their own lives, but neither of them can ignore what’s right in front of them. Nor can they ignore their own desires for each other and a life together.

This final book in the Mysterious Fields trilogy brings Thessaly and Vitus’s romance to a happily ever after ending. Together, they figure out what matters, delight in their shared arts of magic and colour, and work together to solve a terrifying mystery that could change Albion’s history entirely. Set in 1889 and 1890, this book about the magical community of Victorian Britain should be read in order, after the first two books in the trilogy.

Contains family and magical politics including multiple murders and additional deaths (nothing graphic on the page). Secrets, bad life decisions, and damage to secondary characters from people they thought they could trust.

This book contains three additional deaths (also puzzling and confusing), nasty gossip, a duel. Also hope and a long-term resolution to go with the happily-ever-after ending.

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