Winter’s Charms


Celebrate the winter with three novellas about love, family, and what it means to be home after the Great War.

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Casting Nasturtiums brings a family together.

Seth has no idea what's happened to Golshan since that awful day in the trenches in 1918. Now he's demobbed, Seth can track down Golshan, love Dilly (his wife), and get back to his woodwork. Of course, it's never that simple. Seth has to fight a bureaucracy, Golshan needs to reclaim his life, and all three of them need to figure out how their lives work now. (Polyamorous MMF romance set in 1919.)

Country Manners finds Kate and Giles happy in the life they are building together.

When the winter holidays require a visit to his family estate, Giles and Kate make the best of it. Fortunately, they stumble into a mystery along the way, inspiring Kate to take a new approach in dealing with his family's disapproval of just about everything. (This tale takes place in December 1921, between their engagement and wedding.)

Thesan, Isembard, Ibis, and Pross find themselves Chasing Legends during the winter holidays at Schola.

It's long past time to revive some of Schola's older traditions. As a few staff and guests settle down for a feast, a resounding knock on the door brings a knight out of ancient tales and a challenge that will need every one of their combined skills. (December 1926, on the anniversary of Thesan and Isembard's wedding.)

All three novellas in this collection can be enjoyed on their own without reading other books of Albion. However, they do contain some spoilers for the events of those books. Kate and Giles meet and fall in love in Wards of the Roses. Thesan and Ismebard's romance can be found in Eclipse, and Pross and Ibis's can be found in Magician's Hoard.

Come enjoy all the delights of winter with Winter's Charms! Get your copy now for enchanting holiday reading full of kindness, magic, and love.

Begins: 1920-06
By Celia

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