Mysterious Charm Series

Mysterious Charm is a series about the magical community of the British Isles in the 1920s. Everyone is living in a world changed by the Great War and its aftermath. Each book explores a different piece of the world, in the company of a different couple, but the series is linked through connections to one Lord Geoffrey Carillon.

You can read them in any order, but the publication order might be most satisfying. I do recommend reading Goblin Fruit before On The Bias though!

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. My authorial wiki has a list of all the books that relate to Carillon directly.

The books of Mysterious Charm

  • Rufus and Ferry in Outcrossing deal with the challenges of smugglers and entirely inadequate magical educations.
  • Lord Carillon and Lizzie investigate a dangerous magical drink together in Goblin Fruit.
  • Ibis and Pross stumble into a much larger problem when they begin to research a lost Magician’s Hoard.
  • Wards of the Roses finds a young Guardswoman, Kate, assisting Giles, a mathematician blinded in the Great War. Together, they explore the mystery of a manor house that reappeared after several hundred years.
  • Laura was hoping for a pleasant weekend visiting Galen’s family during In The Cards.The unexpected murder exposes deep chasms in the family.
  • Benton, valet to Lord Geoffrey Carillon, takes his duties most seriously. Even when they lead to him conspiring with Cassie, his lordship’s preferrered dressmaker, in On The Bias.
  • When Vivian goes to investigate mysterious events at a family home turned boarding house in Oxfordshire in Seven Sisters, Cadmus must confront his past history and current assumptions if they are to save the house.

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