On The Bias


Cassie makes dresses that flatter and charm.

Cassie has worked hard for years to become one of Albion’s respected dressmakers. She thrives on figuring out how to clothe her clients superbly whatever the current fashion, and ignores all the gossip.

Almost all of it.

Benton was born to be of service.

After the Great War, he found a place for life as Lord Carillon’s valet. Now his lordship is marrying, and Benton is determined everything will go smoothly.

When the dressmaker making the trousseau for his lordship’s bride-to-be mentions some unpleasant gossip, Benton knows he needs to investigate before bringing it to Lord Carillon. His lordship is terribly busy right now, after all.

The only question is whether he and Cassie can set aside their mutual distrust and work together to face the challenges of a dangerous cockfight and the more subtle risks of a country house party and masked ball.

On The Bias is the sixth novel in the Mysterious Charm series. On The Bias is full of 1920s fashion, three dangerous birds, secrets, loyalty, and criminal plots, with an autistic hero. Enjoy this charming romantic fantasy with a swirl of sex set in 1925 with a happily ever after ending!

Autistic hero. Cock-fighting (not described in detail, but includes a character getting injured). Treason (stealing swans). Criminal acts leading to a dangerous and potentially lethal attack on a secondary character.

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