5. The Hare and the Oak,  Announcements,  Mysterious Powers

The Hare and the Oak is out now!

The cover of The Hare and The Oak displayed on a phone, surrounded by a white peony, small pieces of jewellery. The cover has a silhouetted man and woman talking to each other on a green and brown background, circled by stars, with a hare leaping out of an oakleaf inset in the top left corner.

The Hare and the Oak is full of:

  • Two colleagues thrown together
  • A lost heir
  • Land magics
  • The intimacy of ritual
  • Making peace with your past
  • Oaths kept and broken
  • Finding magic in unexpected places

Learn more (and get a copy if this strikes your fancy)

Cyrus appears in Sailor’s Jewel (1901, as a secondary character), and very briefly in Carry On in 1915 as well as in Eclipse (1924). Mabyn appears briefly at the end of Eclipse.

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