Sailor’s Jewel

About the Book

Cover of Sailor's Jewel: a blue background with an ocean liner facing the viewer at the back left, with a man and woman silhouetted at the bottom right. She is talking, wearing a a loose long dress, while he leans against the frame around the cover.

Anything might happen on a ship in the open ocean.

As Rhoe sets out on a trip on the luxurious ocean liner, she expects to spend a pleasant week reading, talking at length to her brother Cyrus, and quietly enjoying herself. When she returns to Albion, she’ll be taking up a new and demanding job at the Temple of Healing.

Hugh has been aboard ships half his life, so finding his sea legs isn’t the problem. But since his father died and his much older half-brother inherited the shipping line, he’s not sure where he fits or what his role could be. This trip, he’s working to smooth things along for the first class passengers, making sure they have a memorable and delightful voyage.

Of course, the sea has her own mysteries. Something is moving in the deeps, affecting the pelagic mermaids and other ocean life. Rhoe, Hugh, Cyrus, and others must work together to find out why and bring everyone safely to shore.

Join Rhoe and Hugh for practical conversations, the mysteries of the ocean depths, and the pleasures of a journey in good company.

Sailor’s Jewel is a romance of 84,000 words set in the magical community of Great Britain in 1901 with a happily-ever-after ending.

About the Author
Celia Lake

Celia Lake spends her days as a librarian in the Boston (MA) metro area, and her nights and weekends at home happily writing, reading, and researching. Born and raised in Massachusetts to British parents, she naturally embraced British spelling, classic mysteries, and the Oxford comma before she learned there were any other options.

Series: Charms of Albion, Book 2
Genre: Historical fantasy romance
Sailor’s Jewel

Anything might happen on a ship in the open ocean.

A journey across the Atlantic draws on Hugh's knowledge of the ocean, Rhoe's healing skill, and her brother Cyrus's ritual expertise to come safely into port. A luxury liner, a mysterious jewel, and pelagic mermaids are only the beginning.

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