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I spent last night staring at my computer screen in utter delight (and a fair bit of ‘wait, is this real?’), due to the lovely comments on the latest Whatcha Reading? (May 2021, part 2) post from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Thank you so much to Catherine and all the other commenters who’ve said such kind and glowing things about my books. I’m ecstatic that people have enjoyed them for all the reasons I hoped people would. I’ve been a reader at SBTB for many years (sometime before 2010), and it’s one of my go-to sites for discovering new books, with thoughtful commentary about a wide range of books.

The comments there did make it clear I really ought to add some information to my website, though.

If you’d like to try out my books, you can get my first book, Outcrossing, for free by signing up for my newsletter. (It’s my first book, and I’ve learned a lot about writing since then. I recommend Pastiche as a starting point to see what I think my books do best.)

New today:

I have a page of questions and answers, talking about:

  • Reading order (see below)
  • Where you can get my books
  • Getting my books from your library
  • What helps me most as an author
  • Finding out about what’s coming next
  • Why I’m (mostly) writing in the 1920s
  • Why disability representation is a thing I care about.
  • Where to learn more about historical tidbits
  • What’s in my newsletter and why you might want to subscribe
  • Why my books aren’t in Kindle Unlimited
  • How to get in touch if you have other questions

Reading order:

The question I’ve been seeing most is about where to start. Taken from that questions page, here’s my answer as of May 2021.

You can read my books in any order. (One note: I do recommend reading Goblin Fruit before you read On The Bias.)

  • If you’re someone who prefers internal chronological order, here’s a timeline.
  • Start with Pastiche if you want to read just one of my books, and get a grand sense of what they’re like.
  • Start with Carry On if you’d like to start with the current series.
  • If you like a locked room murder mystery with your romance, try In The Cards

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories, or want to avoid a particular topic, check out my content notes for more information about each book. I have a project in the works to make it easier to find out if a character you love appears in any other books.

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