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Cover of Pastiche: silhouetted man and woman in Edwardian dress in front of a stained glass window on a deep teal background.


Can a chivalrous lord and his clear-sighted wife find love together?

As a child, Richard dreamed of knighthood and gallant deeds. As a grown man, he is committed to doing his best as an officer of the Guard, as a Lord of the land, and as a father. Living up to his oaths is easy. Being a good husband is much more of a challenge.

Alysoun has done everything expected of a woman in her position. She has married well and had two clever, healthy children. That’s not enough. Richard is kind, but increasingly distant. Alysoun herself has pain and fatigue magic can’t fix. In truth, she is isolated and more than a little bored.

When Alysoun visits a new museum exhibit, she sees something odd in one of the stained glass pieces. Investigating could bring her closer to Richard or at least give them something to talk about. But it might threaten his position or even his life.

Join Richard and Alysoun in 1906 as they explore a mystery, take on new oaths, and discover each other after years of marriage.

Pastiche is set in the Edwardian era of Albion, the magical community of England, Wales, and Scotland. It is a standalone story of an arranged marriage turning into a true love match.

About the Author
Celia Lake

Celia Lake spends her days as a librarian in the Boston (MA) metro area, and her nights and weekends at home happily writing, reading, and researching. Born and raised in Massachusetts to British parents, she naturally embraced British spelling, classic mysteries, and the Oxford comma before she learned there were any other options.

Series: Charms of Albion, Book 1
Genre: Historical fantasy romance
ISBN: 9781735547404

Can a chivalrous lord and his clear-sighted wife find love together?

An arranged marriage. A curious anomaly in a museum exhibit. New social commitments and obligations. Can Richard and Alysoun navigate the new challenges of their lives and come to love each other?

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