Mysterious Powers Series

Mysterious Powers is a series about the magical community of the British Isles in the 1920s, living in a world changed by the Great War and its aftermath. Each book explores a different piece of the world, in the company of a different couple, exploring questions of power and what it means to have it or not have it.

  • Arthur has duties to attend to, and Melusina has a particular goal: fixing an issue with the Viceroy’s safe in Calcutta, India in 1882. Forged in Combat is a prequel novella featuring the parents of Roland from Carry On.
  • Elen and Roland in Carry On must figure out why Roland has been isolated from everyone he knows. And what is going on with his Healer. Set in spring 1915 at the Temple of Healing.
  • A portal in the remote Scottish Highlands fails in the spring of 1922. Rathna (a fully qualified Portal Keeper) and Gabe (who recently finished his apprenticeship) are assigned to figure out the problem in The Fossil Door. Besides the challenges of a rocky landscape and a threatening mythical monster, they both carry secrets they’ve never admitted to others.
  • Thesan and Isembard expect the 1924-25 school year at Schola to be full of much the same as last year. That means teaching, other duties, and a pleasant time marking assignments with each other down at the pub on Saturday nights. Instead, the year offers students up to something mysterious, academic politics, and a whirl of dizzying social events. Eclipse is a friends-to-lovers romance full of the change of perspective an eclipse can bring.
  • Robin is rebuilding his life after a series of disastrous decisions and their consequences. Beatrice has lived with an inherited curse. When Robin overhears a conversation that must be about art forgery, he is too curious for his own good. Fool’s Gold has art, a custos dragon, and many mysteries in the deep vaults. Set in early 1926 in Trellech.
  • Mabyn and Cyrus have been colleagues on the Council for many years. They must work together to find a lost heir and repair damaged land magics in The Hare and the Oak. It forces them to confront their own personal history, oaths kept and broken, and what it means to move forward. This late-in-life romance takes place in the spring and summer of 1926 in Suffolk.
  • In Point By Point, Lydia wants to make her name and reputation in immersive journalism. When she asks Galen for help, they both get more than they bargained for. A rolling plot that runs from horse racing to house parties to dangerous ritual magics in 1926.
  • Mistress of Birds finds Thalia volunteered to keep an eye on her great-aunt’s remote house on the edge of Dartmoor in 1927, and perhaps she can find something to write about there. The oddities start to pile up, however, and Adam, down in the orchard, seems to be the only one who notices.

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. My authorial wiki has more to help you connect characters, places, groups, and events.

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