Goblin Fruit


Lizzie loves her sister.

After their father and uncle were lost in a disastrous expedition, Lizzie has done her best to keep everything together. Her younger sister Laura survived tuberculosis, but a decade in and out of treatment has left her stubbornly insistent on doing for herself.

When Lizzie gets hired by a private agency, she thinks she can finally relax. Steady work will help them both keep the family home and rebuild their lives after their many losses.

Carillon is made of curiosity.

Carillon fled his memories of the Great War, preferring adventures and natural history expeditions in Africa and Asia. That was before he unexpectedly inherited his family's title and had to return to England.

Now he's been back for two years, finding his place as a lord of the land. When he stumbles across an addictive magical drink that brings visions of distant places, he simply must investigate.

After Carillon collides with Lizzie outside a masked ball, they quickly realise they can learn far more if they work together. The only question is whether they can save Laura and stop other people being hurt or even killed.

Goblin Fruit is the second novel in the Mysterious Charm series. Goblin Fruit is full of magical potions, an aristocratic investigator, fae beings, a fake relationship, and several house parties. Enjoy this gentle romantic fantasy with a swirl of sex set in 1924 with a happily ever after ending!

Post-traumatic stress disorder including disassociation. Addictive magical drink that causes dreams of distant places. Miscommunication leading to emotional difficulties. Secondary character who has survived tuberculosis. Hero is bisexual (though this is a M/F romance). 

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