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Geoffrey Carillon has spent much of his life both before and after the Great War travelling the world.

In February of 1922, his older brother's sudden and unexpected death calls him back to Albion to take up his ancestral obligations to the land magic. Naturally, Carillon relies heavily on his loyal and exceedingly competent valet, Benton.

Carillon discovers that much has changed in his time away, and he desperately needs allies to help him navigate the world as it is now. Benton, for his part, is focused on bringing the estate into better working order, in a number of ways he expected and quite a few he did not.

This prequel takes place in 1922 (directly overlapping the events of Outcrossing). Both Carillon and Benton have their romances in later books (and not with each other!), but this story covers a particular moment in their history as well as explaining Carillon's connections to many other people and places in my books. Enjoy!

Find Geoffrey's romance in Goblin Fruit and Benton's in On The Bias, and check out the other books relating to the Carillon family for more about Temple, Geoffrey, Benton, and others.

Begins with the death of one POV character's older brother, in what turns out to likely be murder. Many unanswered questions about why, how, and the reasons for the neglect of the land magic. Not a romance, introduces a number of other characters appearing in multiple books. One of the POV characters (Benton) is autistic. One (Carillon) is bisexual, though not in a relationship during this book.

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