Charms of Albion Series

The Charms of Albion books are standalone romances exploring Albion outside the period of the Great War and 1920s. They connect to characters who appear in the 1920s books, but can be read in any order. My authorial wiki can help if you want to make more connections between characters, places, and events.

  • Pastiche is the story of an arranged marriage turned love match, full of chivalry, honour, art forgery, and the occasional duel. It’s set in 1906.
  • Sailor’s Jewel follows the passage of a magical gem across the Atlantic ocean, calling on the need for skill, magical ritual, and a few urgent offerings.

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. My authorial wiki has more to help you connect characters, places, groups, and events.

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