The Magic of Four


In 1946, four second year students at Schola, the most elite of the magical schools of Albion, have challenges to face. Leo, Ros, Avigail, and Jasper need to make some key decisions about their lives.

First, they have to figure out what they want to do and be when they grow up. It's a hard choice to make at fourteen. Next, second year is when Schola’s secret societies pick new members, a decision that can change the course of a life. Third, there are all the ordinary challenges and joys of a school, ranging from dealing with other students to sports matches. And it's 1946, with all the lingering effects of the Second World War, dealing with the changes it's brought and the changes to come.

These four friends come from different backgrounds, sharing some skills but not others. None of them want what society assumes they do. It's a new world and they have some ideas of their own.

The Magic of Four is full of friendship, surprises, commitments, and a great deal of magic. It takes place in the magical community of Great Britain in the wake of the Second World War, from the perspective of young adults who have a good idea what their parents did during the war years and what that cost.

The last book in the Land Mysteries series, it includes a number of characters who have appeared in other Celia Lake books, but can be read in any order. Unlike most Celia Lake books, The Magic of Four is not a romance - they’re all fourteen.

Contains four teenagers who are more sensible than the average but don't always make the best choices. Includes examples of bullying, social challenges, class issues, and other complications of living and learning with other teenagers. The adults are dealing with the Second World War and the impact on their lives in various ways, including grieving. One of the characters (Avigail) is half Bengali, the others are white.

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