Land Mysteries Series

The Land Mysteries series explores Albion as we move into the Second World War. They’re about the land magic, about chosen family, and the many kinds of relationships we have in our lives – though there’s plenty of romance in the mix too!

(In this series, however, not every book is focused on a romance.)

The books of the Land Mysteries series

You can read the books in any order, but there is an overall arc reflecting changes in approaches to the land magic and the ties and associations between a number of characters.

  • In Best Foot Forward, Lord Geoffrey Carillon needs help to get an alchemist’s research out of Germany in 1935. Alexander Landry has the skills, but it means Carillon must trust someone on the Council. (An enemies to “it’s complicated” romance, no cheating involved.)
  • Nocturnal Quarry finds Alexander in America in 1938, bringing home just how much has changed in his life, including how he solves problems. (A character-focused novella.)
  • Old As The Hills challenges both Gabe and Rathna to bring their own particular talents to the opening year of the Second World War. (An established loving marriage negotiating new demands.)
  • Upon A Summer's Day forces Gabe to answer a question that's been looming over him since June 1940. The question is how he'll answer. (Character focused novel in the second half of 1940.)
  • In Illusion of a Boar, four magical specialists are pulled together in the spring of 1944 for an absolutely secret mission as part of preparations for D-Day. (Novel, with a romance.)
  • Three Graces finds Lizzie, Alysoun, and Thesan tackling an unanswered question: what led to Temple Carillon's death in 1922? (Character focused novella in the spring and summer of 1945.)
  • The Magic of Four is a school story told through four students at Schola in the 1946-1947 school year. Besides the usual challenges of school - classes, sports, other students - it's the year the secret societies at Schola choose new members. (School story - no romances - of second year students)

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. Content notes are also at the bottom of every book description.

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