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We’ve talked about extras, maps, and timelines in our tour of my authorial wiki. Now it’s time to talk about characters. Every point of view character has a page. (That means everyone who’s been the point of view in a novel, novella, or extra…)

Cover of Eclipse displayed on a tablet, resting on a pine bough, surrounded by wood five-pointed stars.
(Eclipse has my largest character list by far…)

How to find character pages

If you’re looking for someone specific, just search on their name (first, last, both, whatever you prefer) in the search field at the top of the page. You’ll see a page come up with their name if they have one (as well as other pages where that name appears).

If you’d rather  browse, start on the main index page. Click on “People” and then on whichever series you’re interested in. (Characters are grouped by series to keep the list length manageable.) You’ll also see three other pages of characters that I’ll talk about in a minute. Galen is listed under Mysterious Powers.

Character information

Each point of view character page includes:

A summary of their background up to their first chronological appearance in my books. For some characters, there’s more about their family or personal history. If particular books are relevant, I mention which ones.

Appears in gives a brief summary of which stories they appear in. These use a spoiler link, to avoid spoiling details of books you might not have read yet. Just click or tap on “learn more” for the details. These summaries are brief – my goal here is to help you remember which book covers what, not to recap all the details.

Then we have some sidebar content…

An image of the character: First, if these don’t match your idea of what someone looks like, that’s fine! I worked off the description of the character in text, but the tool I’m using for these images has some limitations. (For one thing, glasses aren’t an option yet…)

The images come from an app (in the final beta stages as I write this) called Portrait Works that allows you to mix and match features, change colours, and layer clothing and items. As you can see if you look at the range of my characters, it has quite a lot of options!

If you’re inclined to fan art, I would love to talk to you more if you do any of my characters or places, and see about sharing it, too. 

Books: Which books the character appears in (and their general role in each – main character, secondary character, a cameo, etc.)

Details: Some key biographical notes, including:

  • Year of birth
  • Family members or connections
  • Profession
  • Education (school, and when relevant, house)
  • Other memberships of note (mostly secret societies.)

I added these details under the assumption that “these  two people who are the main characters in a romance end up together” is not a spoiler (and to make some navigation options easier between pages) but I’m open to alternative approaches here.

Lists of characters

To help you out, I’ve also built three lists of recurring characters (who show up in more than one book), but who aren’t point of view characters.

Recurring characters

This list has general recurring characters (who aren’t Council Members or Schola staff). Curious about a mention of someone? Searching on their name or checking this list should help. If someone’s not on here, let me know, and I’ll see about adding them.

(This list is long, and likely to continue getting longer, so I am thinking of ways to organise it better. If you have thoughts about what would make it more useful, I’m all ears. Having a single list does help with keeping it up to date.)

Council Members

I have a complete list of the Council Members from before the Great War through the 1940s, but many of their names have not yet appeared in print. This list has everyone I’ve mentioned so far.

It also includes the date they challenged for their Council seat, a retirement or death date if relevant, and a brief background, including where they’re mentioned, their Schola house (at the point I’m writing this, all of them attended Schola), magical specialities, and other associations.

Schola Staff

Here I’ve listed the core teaching staff, the subjects they teach, and their other duties (as well as when they started teaching.) As the top of the page notes, there are a number of other staff at Schola, who haven’t been named in text yet.

There’s a complete list of teachers during Eclipse, and then updates with the changes during Chasing Legends, and a note about former staff.

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