Novellas Series

I also have a scattering of novellas that are distinct from series. In internal chronological order, they are:

  • Complementary finds Elizabeth Mason assigned to investigate some odd events at an artists colony on the Norfolk coast, aided by Rosemary Ditson.
  • Casting Nasturtiums is a friends to lovers MMF romance, launched when Seth goes looking for his best friend, Golshan, after he's finally demobbed after the Great War. (Found in the Winter's Charms collection.)
  • Ancient Trust brings Geoffrey Carillon back to Albion when his brother dies unexpectedly. Once back, he and Thomas Benton must begin to mend the land magic and build a new life. (Not a romance, free by subscribing to my newsletter.)
  • Country Manners involves Kate navigating a visit to Giles' family in the time between their engagement and their marriage, over the Christmas holiday. (Found in the Winter's Charms collection.)
  • Chasing Legends finds two couples - Thesan and Isembard, Pross and Ibis - exploring some of the mysteries of Schola's magic and confronting their own past. (Found in the Winter's Charms collection.)

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. My authorial wiki has more to help you connect characters, places, groups, and events.

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