Mysterious Arts Series

The Mysterious Arts series explores crafting and the arts in Albion from the midst of the Great War through the 1920s.

  •  Bound For Perdition dives into the creation of the magical journals and all their implications in 1917.
  • Shoemaker's Wife follows a shoemaker through the challenges of returning home after the war, including his job at one of Trellech's theatres during panto season. All while he and his wife are trying to figure out what being married looks like for them.
  • Perfect Accord finds Charlotte enmeshed with a mysterious group in 1923, wanting to keep her best friend safe. When she stumbles upon an alchemical perfumer working for the group, everything changes.

If you’re looking for particular kinds of stories (or perhaps want to avoid certain topics), check out my content notes page for additional details. My authorial wiki has more to help you connect characters, places, groups, and events.

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