Undercover in the nonmagical world ... with a cozy cottage and only one bed!

As an artist and a magical investigator, Elizabeth is the perfect choice when midwife Rosemary comes to her for help investigating something strange at an artist's colony on the English coast in 1910.

Problem one: Elizabeth and Rosemary can't reveal their magic to anyone there.

Problem two: They met less than a week ago but have to pretend they're good friends to keep their cover. That's going to be even harder to do with growing feelings sparking between them.

Further problems: There's also an imminent birth, a kitchen that needs a good scouring, and the immense ego of one of the artists.

In this seemingly quiet corner of the countryside, nothing is as it seems, and Elizabeth and Rosemary are about to uncover more than one secret that will change lives forever. Maybe even their own.

Complementary is a standalone f/f novella of 33,000 words. Complementary is full of fae magic, the Norfolk coast, art and artists, cooking, and sensible decisions. Enjoy this charming romantic fantasy with no sex scenes set in 1910 with a happily ever after ending!

Lesbian (f/f) romance. Includes a main character who is neurodiverse (ADHD, though she doesn’t have the words for that) and who is of Malaysian, Dutch, and English ancestry and visibly brown. A significant character treats a long-term partner badly, including gaslighting. Includes a late-term pregnancy and off-screen healthy birth of a baby. No on-page sex. Only one bed trope.

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