Coming attractions

Fool’s Gold

Robin just wants to rebuild his life after a nearly disastrous error of judgment. When he overhears two people talking about what must be plans for art forgery, he finds himself draw into the realm of the Scali banking family and puzzled by a woman almost no one else seems to see. Beatrice suffers from a family curse that makes her invisible to anyone outside her family. Can they work together to protect the items in their care, stop the forgeries, and perhaps give her everything she’s ever wanted?

(Set in 1925 in Trellech. Expected release November 2021.)

The Hare and The Oak

The land magic in Suffolk has been failing for years. When the current Lord asks the Council for help, Mabyn and Cyrus must work together to find a lost heir. Finding the heir is only the first challenge. For the land magics to recover, the dubious heir must connect with the land and find her place in the magical community. As Mabyn and Cyrus are drawn into the life of the estate, they must also look at their own lives and choices.

(Set in 1926, mostly in Suffolk. Expected out in February 2022.)

Also in the works

You can find additional scenes and short works about characters in some of my books on my newsletter. I’m also seeing if I can get one more project out in early December 2021. Keep an eye on my newsletter for the latest!