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Carry On

Everyone thought the war would be over in a few months. Elen Morris, a nurse trained in long-term care and recovery, has been sent home from nursing at the front due to her own injuries. She has been assigned to tend to a single patient, Major Roland Gospatrick. Isolated, without much information, neither of them is sure how to proceed. When they are both pressured from unexpected directions, they must work together to get Roland the care he needs, and make sure the Healing Temple remains a safe refuge.

(Set in spring 1915, in the Healing Temple in Trellech.)

The Fossil Door

When a recently established portal stops working in the Scottish Highlands, Rathna Stone is assigned to figure out what happened. Gabe Edgarton is assigned to assist her, but neither of them expect the challenges they find, the dangers of the local wildlife, or the way history and magic can come back to haunt you.

(Set in spring 1922 in the Scottish Highlands.)