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Thesan expected another year settled into teaching Astronomy at Schola, the first and foremost of the magical schools of Albion. Isembard, professor of protective magics, expected much the same, if with perhaps a few more challenges from the two students he’s sworn to protect. When a new teacher arrives, and they discover signs that a group of students are up to something that might be a rather large problem, they must figure out how to navigate the channels of power, influence, and unknown magics that arise.

(Set during the 1924-1925 school year at Schola. Expected out in May 2021.)

The Sailor’s Jewel

Before Rhoe moves into a new role at the Temple of Healing, she agrees to one last trip on the most luxurious of magical ocean liners. Her brother, Cyrus, has been charged with carrying a magical stone for a needed ritual in Boston. Once on the open ocean, however, things are not nearly that simple. Hugh, for his part, knows he needs to learn more to have a place in the family business, owning and managing the liners. When danger strikes, they must work together to save the ship, her passengers, and come home safely.

(Set in 1901, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Expected out in August 2021.)