Coming attractions

Winter’s Charm

A collection of three novellas, exploring relationships as they change, grow, and flourish over the winter holidays.

Casting Nasturtiums is the story of Seth, Golshan, and Dilly (referenced briefly in Eclipse) as they rebuild their lives after the Great War. (Polyamorous MMF relationship, set in the second half of 1919). 

Country Manners finds Giles and Kate visiting his family for the holidays together for the first time (after their engagement in 1921). Together they uncover a small mystery and face down some wrong-headed assumptions.

Chasing Legends explores some of the many mysteries of Schola. A small group of staff and associates are gathered over the winter holidays in 1926 for a feast, when there is a loud knock on the door of the Great Hall. Thesan, Isembard, Pross, and Ibis must combine their skills and talents to confront their fears and solve a centuries-old problem.  

(Out in December 2021.)

The Hare and The Oak

The land magic in Suffolk has been failing for years. When the current Lord asks the Council for help, Mabyn and Cyrus must work together to find a lost heir. That’s only the first challenge. For the land magics to recover, the dubious heir must connect with the land and find her place in the magical community. As Mabyn and Cyrus are drawn into the life of the estate, they must also look at their own lives and choices.

(Set in 1926, mostly in Suffolk. Expected out in February 2022.)


Point By Point

Galen has been trying to get his life together. When Lydia asks his help, getting a story that could make her career as a journalist, he’s glad to help. They’re quickly pulled into a world full of horse-racing, high spending, and people reaching for power in all the wrong places. 

(Set in 1926. Expected out in May 2022.) 


Mistress of Birds

Thalia’s writing career is going very poorly. She agrees to take care of her great-aunt’s estate on the edge of Dartmoor as a favour to her family. But the longer she’s there, the odder it is. And there’s that mysterious man in the apple orchard. 

(Set in 1927, mostly in Dartmoor. Expected out in August 2022.) 


Also in the works

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