Coming attractions

Wards of the Roses
(out in August 2019) 

When a manor reappears in Oxfordshire after several centuries, Guard Kate Davies is surprised to be offered a chance to assist in the investigation. Giles Lefton is a brilliant mathematician and code-breaker. Blinded by a gas attack in the war, he needs someone else’s eyes to figure out the manor’s puzzles. Together, they are baffled by roses, manor walls, and each other.

(Set in 1922, mostly in Oxfordshire. This book also talks more about how the Silence and the Pact – the things keeping the magical world distinct from the non-magical world – came to be.)

In The Cards 

Laura Penhallow thought she was accepting an invitation for a pleasant house party on a remote island off the coast of Cornwall, so she could get to know Galen Amberley and his family better. When there’s a sudden death, Laura, Galen, and his best friend Martin are thrown into uncertainty about who to believe, what happened, and what it means for them.

(Set in 1926, a locked-room murder mystery in a manor house in the Scilly Isles.)

On The Bias 

Mistress Castalia Jones has built up her dressmaking business stitch by stitch. Comfortably middle-aged, she has apprentices to train, clothing to design (and plenty of it), and the freedom to make her own choices. When she overhears uncomfortable gossip about one of her best clients and his fiancee, she finds herself sharing the details with his valet, Benton. 

(Set in 1926, in Wales and the New Forest, England, with a side of hurt/comfort and a difficult rooster.)  

Seven Sisters

Vivian Porter’s inquiry agency specialises in unusual problems that require discretion – and sometimes unusual talents. When her assistant is asked for help, Vivian agrees to investigate stories of ghosts and unusual occurrences at a boarding house in a rural Oxfordshire home. Cadmus Michaels, the absent-minded academic who owns the house, isn’t much bothered by the ghosts, but is not at all sure about Vivian upsetting his residents, or what she’s up to in the woods.

(Set in 1924 in Oxfordshire, and including more about the Fatae.)