The Mysterious Charm series is a loosely connected series. The books shares a world and time period, and there are overlapping characters, since many characters are directly connected in some way to Lord Geoffrey Carillon, Lord of Ytene. Some characters  are the focus of a particular book, and are secondary characters in others.

To help you find more of your favourites, here’s a quick guide to characters with major roles in the books out so far. They are listed by order of appearance in the series. (The summaries refer to them at the earliest point in the series, to avoid spoilers.)


Feronia Wright is the daughter of a genteel but impoverished family from Cumbria. She takes up a post as a governess in the New Forest, in southern England, to get away from an arranged marriage before Outcrossing begins. She is a good friend of Pross Gates, and appears briefly in Magician’s Hoard


Rufus Pride comes from a family who’s lived in a small cottage in the New Forest for generations, taking care of their ponies and livestock and making a living by turning their hands to a dozen different skills. He needs a way out of the pit that his life has become in Outcrossing (which focuses on his story) and appears briefly in Goblin Fruit. 


Prosperina Gates owns a bookshop in the New Forest town of True Eyeworth. She is a widow who lives with her daughter, Cammie, until Cammie goes away to a tutoring school. At the begining of Outcrossing, her bookshope is struggling. She gets a story of her own in Magician’s Hoard which includes the expansion of her services to include research and investigation. She is good friends with Ferry Wright. 


Lord Geoffrey Carillon expected to live out his life as the second son of an ancient aristocratic line, free to explore his own pleasures and interests. Instead, he inherited the lordship of Ytene, a large magical holding in the New Forest, in 1924 after the sudden death of his brother and his brother’s wife. He first appears in Outcrossing, is featured in Goblin Fruit, and is mentioned in Magician’s Hoard. 


Katherine Davies is a member of the Guard, responsible for enforcing the laws of the magical community. She appears at the end of Outcrossing and Goblin Fruit, but the story of how she became the competent, confident woman she is there is told in Wards of the Roses (which takes place before either of those books.)


Elspeth Penhallow is the daughter of Hendrek Penhallow, who disappeared with his brother on an expedition down the Amazon in search of new magical plants and beasts (taking a lot of investment from the magical community with him.) At the beginning of Goblin Fruit, she is desperate to find a position that will help her take care of her sister Laura and regain some stability in their lives.  


Thutmose (Ibis) Ward is an Anglo-Egyptian researcher and Egyptologist living in England to be available to his youngest sister while she completes her education. When Pross asks for his help with a research question at the beginning of Magician’s Hoard, he is intrigued. 


Giles Lefton was blinded by a magical gas attack in the Great War. A talented mathematician, he missed the more interesting assignments he used to get involving cryptography and puzzle-solving. When he chooses Kate as his assistant in solving the mystery of a historical manor reappearing after hundreds of years, neither of them expected what would happen next. (Giles is mentioned briefly in Outcrossing and Goblin Fruit.)