Hello there! I’m Celia Lake, and I write books.

Specifically, I write books set in the 1920s British Isles, about a parallel magical community and what they get up to. The books involve some sort of puzzle or mystery, and also a romance.

I love writing about complex characters, many of whom have had a hard time (emotionally, physically, or both) and who are now in a place to look around and engage with the world in a new way. And I adore writing about a world where enchanted drinks can sap your magic, legendary beings can appear out of nowhere, magical beasts can cross your path – and much much more!

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In progress:

I’m currently working on book 6 in the series, On The Bias. I’ve been describing this one somewhat flippantly as “Valet and seamstress foil plots”. It features Benton (valet to Lord Geoffrey Carillon, who is the hero of Goblin Fruit) and a dressmaker, figuring out if they can stop sparring with each other long enough to solve a particular problem.

I’m also working on editing Wards of the Roses, book 4 in the series, about Kate Davies and Giles Lefton. (This actually takes place before the other books in the series so far, and is about how Captain Lefton got to be the self-assured confident captain in the Guard she is at the tail end of Outcrossing).

Currently out:

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Got questions?

Please do let me know! The best method is the contact form on this site.

I do my best to make books available on a wide variety of platforms, but if I’m missing your favourite, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.