Hello there! I’m Celia Lake, and I write books.

Specifically, I write books set in the 1920s British Isles, about a parallel magical community and what they get up to. The books involve some sort of puzzle or mystery, and also a romance.

I love writing about complex characters, many of whom have had a hard time (emotionally, physically, or both) and who are now in a place to look around and engage with the world in a new way. And I adore writing about a world where enchanted drinks can sap your magic, legendary beings can appear out of nowhere, magical beasts can cross your path – and much much more!

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In progress:

It’s August 2019, and book 4, Wards of the Roses is out!

I’m currently working on book 7 in the Mysterious Charm series, Seven Sisters, in which Vivian Porter, specialist in curious problems requiring discretion, investigates rumours of ghosts and unusual magics at a boarding house just outside Oxford. (Vivian appeared briefly in Goblin Fruit).

This will be the last book in the Mysterious Charm series, all of which revolve around connections of Lord Geoffrey Carillon and his various interests. I’ll be starting a new series after this, called Mysterious Power, also set in the 1920s and in the same magical communities.

On the editing side, I’m tackling editing book 5, In The Cards. It features a locked room murder mystery on a remote country house perched on an island off Cornwall, along with Laura Penhallow.

Currently out:

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Got questions?

Please do let me know! The best method is the contact form on this site.

I do my best to make books available on a wide variety of platforms, but if I’m missing your favourite, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.